Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dear George Clooney, You Are Sooooooooo Dreamy! Luv 4-Evr, George H.W. Bush

What makes a former President write a fan letter to a movie star?

For the elder George Bush, it'd be a screening of Good Night and Good Luck. That's George Clooney's take on how Edward R. Murrow took on Sen Eugene McCarthy in the 1950s. Mr Clooney wrote and directed the movie.

Few people may remember but George H.W. Bush's father -- that'd be President George W Bush's grandfather -- also took on Sen McCarthy for his red-baiting tactics. Sen Prescott Sheldon Bush (R-CT) served in the US Senate from 1952-63.

The former President fired off a letter to George Clooney saying he enjoyed the film. (

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