Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Warner Joins GOP Anti-War Talk -- More Republicans Leaning Against Bush

Sen John Warner (R-VA) has praised Sen George Voinovich's (R-OH) letter to President Bush as "an important and sincere contribution" to the Iraq debate.

The former Chairman of the Armed Services Committee -- is the latest to join a rising conservative chorus pressuring the White House for drawing down US troops in Iraq. The calls started Monday with Sen Richard Lugar (R-IN).

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has changed his tune since blocking a symbolic vote opposing the troop "surge." From the Washington Post:

"I anticipate that we'll probably be going in a different direction in some way in Iraq" in September, McConnell told reporters earlier this month. "And it'll be interesting to see what the administration chooses to do."

Sen Lugar defined his position in a speech on the Senate floor -- after consulting with Leader McConnell. Sen Voinovich made his views in a letter to President Bush.

A handful of Republicans -- mostly moderates -- are already on record for redeploying from Iraq. But the sudden and sizable shift among conservatives this week poses a problem for President Bush -- hoping to hold out until an assessment of his "surge" in the fall. (WaPo)

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