Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lamb Leads Savage to the Slaughter

Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound -- even if C-SPAN is there to cover it?

Right wing radio screaming head Michael Savage couldn't show up to accept a Freedom of Speech award. This guy doesn't even "phone it in." He mails his speech in as a DVD. C-SPAN was covering the event, but chose not to take the DVD.

Mr Savage is outraged that literally ones of people didn't see him on C-SPAN! So he urges his listeners to beat up on C-SPAN. Even gives names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses.

Hey, this sort of thing makes good TV -- even on C-SPAN, where reading e-mails, slowly and clearly is considered an action show.

C-SPANNER Brian Lamb (pictured) -- in his classic, emotionless style -- flattens Savage and company by simply reading the insane rants from the hate mail he recieved. (Politico)

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