Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Congress Investigates Homeland Security Over TB Man

Congress wants to know why Homeland Security failed to stop TB Man -- Andrew Speaker. Mr Speaker may not have exposed anyone to TB from his travels, but his travels did expose gaping holes in US defenses against a potential biological attack. From the AP:

The House Homeland Security Committee planned to question federal authorities Wednesday on why they had such a hard time catching up to a man armed only with a passport, a smile and a now-rare, deadly disease.
DHS is already scrambling to patch the holes before Congress takes action. Simple things -- like getting a supervisor's approval before a border guard can override a worldwide alert to stop a security risk.

But on top of internal problems at DHS, the UN's World Health Organization now says the Department failed to follow WHO guidelines for member countries in alerting other nations about the risk. (Commercial Appeal, NPR)

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Anonymous said...

I just got done watching the story about Mr. Speaker's situation and let me tell you as a person of the medical field and as an american, all I kept hearing the senate say is terrorist. They spoke of this person as if he meant to have this condition. The person asking the questions kept asking what are you going to do about it and people should be fired, well I think the president should be asked these questions and I think that he should be blamed for this incident! instead of sinding billions of dollars to a war that don't make no since we could be using our hard earned money on medical research so that congress and the rest of the republics can stop acting like this is a terrorist that they are dealing with. it makes me feel ashamed to be an american because instead of compassion you treat this man with such hate as if he is not an american or as if he's another race, the constiution said that all men are created equal and are free... well, are they???? I understand that percaution has to be taken, but come on how many men and women in this country don't have a desease? If a person was standing next to you and that person has aids would you still be near him/her? and what if you were told that you have TB but it's not contagious and when you went out with your FAMILY and someone decided that you ARE contagious how would that make you feel?