Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr Bush, Tear Down This Wall!

Ask some of the people along the US border with Mexico about plans for a wall there -- and they'll come up with plans of their own.

Folks in McAllen, Texas think it'd be a better idea to build a wall around Washington. The McAllen Chamber of Commerce has even launched a campaign to do just that.

"Why don't we just build around Washington, D.C.? It can protect us from some bad characters, some bad legislation and bad ideas." -- Steve Ahlenius, President and CEO, McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce quoted in the San Antonio Express News

Local leaders are ticked off at the feds for keeping them out of the loop on the border fence plans. They worry the wall will cut off farmers from water supplies and ruin business relations with customers from across the border. (Express News)

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