Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mice and Men and Hurricane Katrina

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government (CREW) reports the federal government failed to follow it's own disaster plan in response to Hurricane Katrina.

It took nearly two years and a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for CREW to get the 7,500 records from the Department of Homeland Security and compile them in their new report.

What's outlined in The Best Laid Plans: The Story of How the Government Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plans:

Critically, CREW found that FEMA had created a “Southeast Louisiana
Catastrophic Hurricane Plan” (SLCHP), which forecast a range of specific
consequences, including:

  • New Orleans would be flooded with 14-17 feet of water, the levee system
    inundated with at least 10 feet of water and the hurricane would move into

  • One million people would evacuate, but flooding would trap at least

  • Each hurricane victim would require a minimum of two Meals Ready to Eat, one gallon of water and eight pounds of ice per day.
CREW also posted the raw documents on their website.

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