Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Senators Miss Votes to Run for President

There are almost enough US Senators running for President they could call a quorum. But the campaign is keeping them from some votes back in DC.

The Senate's had 228 votes so far -- and none would have turned out differently if a campaigning Senator was there or not.

The AP counted missed votes of the six Senators running for President:

    • John McCain: 117
    • Sam Brownback (R-KN): 81
    • Joe Biden (D-DE): 62
    • Chris Dodd (D-CT): 59
    • Barack Obama (D-IL): 20
    • Hillary Clinton (D-NY): 5
Only Sen Tim Johnson (D-SD) has more absentees than Senators McCain and Brownback. But then, he's been in a coma for a good part of the session and is still recovering from a stroke.

You can check up on Senators' voting records here. (The Free Press)

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