Friday, June 15, 2007

Tracking Scooter

Afraid of losing touch with Scooter Libby when he reports to prison? Fear not! Uncle Sam has something better that "the Google" to follow felons on "the Internets."

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a handy-dandy "Inmate Locator" (they pretty much just downloaded the RNC phone directory) so you can find where any federal felon is warehoused!

I used it to track down Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Prisoner Number 94405-198 at the lovely lock up in Tuscon, Arizona pictured here. Though I had to enter "Randall" and leave out his "Duke" alias to zero in on him.

You can look up anyone locked up in the Federal Bureau of Prisons since 1982.

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Ike said...

Randy Cunningham didn't play quarterback bad enough to go to jail!