Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congressional Pay Raise Coming

Democrats and Republicans in the House have found something they can agree on: $4,400 pay raises!

That'd bring a Congressman's salary to around $170,000 a year.

Representatives endorsed the "cost of living" raise Wednesday on a 244-181 vote. The vote killed a bid by Reps Jim Matheson, (D-UT) and Lee Terry, (R-NE) to kill the automatic raise.

Congress members get a pay raise annually unless they vote to block it. (MyWay)

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Anonymous said...

(IMO) it is fiscal irresponsibility to increase Congress' pay at a time when the US Government is spending billions and billions of dollars on war, and has a stratospheric budget deficit. The minimum wage compromise no longer provides cover on this issue, since the war has dragged on and on.

The battle is not over yet. The Senate also has to act. Further, on 6/29/07, U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell [D, Arizona] introduced legislation which would block the automatic pay raise (bill number not yet assigned).

The House voting record in favor of no debate on the automatic pay raise (H.Res.517) can be found at .

Email your House representative and Senators to let them know:

No more pay increases for Congress until the War is OVER.