Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alaska Meltdown Hits DC

A widening corruption investigation in Alaska is beginning to snowball into Washington, DC.

Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK) says the FBI has asked him to hold onto records they may want for their corruption investigation that's already shaking up Alaska's GOP. From the Washington Post:

"Stevens, who is famous for bringing home federal earmarks for Alaska when he was Appropriations Committee chairman, was not previously known to be linked to the Justice Department's probe, which has uncovered evidence that more than $400,000 worth of bribes were given to state lawmakers in exchange for favorable energy legislation."

Sen Stevens is the longest serving Republican in the US Senate.

Two energy company executives have turned state's evidence after pleading guilty to bribery and extortion charges. They're spilling their guts, naming names, and making things hot for lawmakers in America's icebox. (WaPo)

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