Thursday, March 01, 2007

Walter Reed's Critical Condition

The problems at Walter Reed are under control. Soldiers at the mold and red tape infested Building 18 have been ordered not to talk to the media anymore, and they're being punished for having told the media about problems in the past. If the media doesn't report on problems -- there are no problems, got it?

That's what the Air Force Times reports. Wounded soldiers now face inspection daily at 7:00 am -- something they consider a punishment since that's usually only done to raw recruits in basic training.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports top brass knew about the problems for weeks or months before the Post broke the story a little over a week ago.

They expressed surprise in public statements last week. But Steve Robinson, with Veterans for America tells the Post he brought up the problems at Building 18 back in 2003.

The Post cites complaints from soldiers raised in town hall meeting, "sensing sessions," and repeated Inspector General's reports. (WaPo, AFTimes)

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