Thursday, March 01, 2007

McCain Ready to Launch

Sen John McCain (R-AZ) proved to be a traditionalist when he announced his Presidential candidacy Wednesday night. Rather than racing to slap his announcement on the Internet with an on line video, he opted for the old fashioned method of declaring his candidacy on a late night comedy show.

Wanna see it on YouTube. You can.

Wanna embed it in your blog? You can't.

Track it down on YouTube, and you find this message from the folks at CBS:
"Embedding disabled by request"
You can find it at the Senator's website -- on a page asking for money.

So, I won't be doing the Senator or CBS any favors by linking to their versions of it.

The announcement was marred by Sen McCain saying the lives of American troops killed in Iraq had been "wasted:"

Sen McCain has since apologized for his choice of words.

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