Friday, March 02, 2007

My, How Time Flies!

Tired of long waits at the Post Office? The braniacs at the US Postal Service have come to your rescue -- they've removed the clocks!

It won't speed up your service, but it will make it harder for you to realize how long you've been waiting in line for that poor service. The Postal Service has removed clocks from 37,000 of its Post Offices. They call it a "retail standardization program."
We told you back in August, 2005 how Indiana bureaucrats came up with the same idea to keep people's minds off the wait at their DMV offices.

A USPS spokesman tells the Fort Worth Star Telegram they want customers to focus on the service -- not the clock. Wonder how long before they make you surrender your watch before you enter a Post Office.

At least you can still use your perpetual calendars to time how long it takes for your letter to get where it's going. (AP)

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