Sunday, March 04, 2007

2000 Days

Today, Sunday, March 4, 2007, marks 2000 days since 9/11.

That's 2,000 days Osama bin Laden -- perhaps the worst mass murderer in American history -- has been free. Earlier this weeek, White House spokesman Tony Snow said he didn't know if OBL is even al Qaeda's leader.

But National Intelligence Director Admiral Mike McConnell testified before Congress last week that Osama bin Laden was alive and well and rebuilding al Qaeda in Pakistan.

Adm McConnell suggested al Qaeda may already be back to it's pre-9/11 strength, protected by the US and NATOs inability to cross the border into Pakistan to stike at them. He warned that the training camps had been rebuilt and a new generation of al Qaeda were learning the ropes -- and likely the infamous monkey bars.

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