Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't Believe Anything You Hear -- and only Half What You See

There it was in big, honking font: "Edwards to Suspend Campaign."

Ben Smith over at the Politico got it wrong -- and the Internet took over from there. It was a banner headline at the Drudge Report, other news sites were linking to it.

John Edwards will stay in the White House race -- even though his wife has incurable cancer.

There is no worse feeling for a journalist to suddenly find out he got a story wrong.

Mr Smith has an apology up now. He relied on a single source and, with less than an hour to go before the speech, wanted like all journalists to be first with a story.

It's a good apology, a better explanation than most reporters give when they get a story wrong, and he doesn't make excuses. (ThePolitico)

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