Thursday, March 08, 2007

Because it Worked so Well at Walter Reed

Global climate change is melting the ice from underneath polar bears -- causing the critters to drown. And when anything warm and fuzzy dies potentially due to government policies -- voters and taxpayers demand action!

The honchos at the Federal Fish and Wildlife have a cunning plan to solve the problem of drowning polar bears.

Don't talk about it.

The bigwigs ordered biologists and other scientists who work for the Service not to even mention global climate change, polar bears or sea ice.

Someone on staff at Fish & Wildlife was kind enough to email a copy of the memo to the New York Times.

Kinda like ordering Soldiers hospitalized at Walter Reed last week not to talk to the media. And how did that work out? Ask the guys with lots of stars on their shoulders who've been fired after that story broke. (NYT)

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