Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh, Forgot to tell You about the Radiation, Hope that Isn't a Problem

The folks at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory wanted to test some bombs near Tracy, California.

No problem. There are a lot of big empty spaces out there off Interstate 580. So the San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District granted a permit.

Oh. Just one thing. The scientists didn't bother to mention the bombs would disperse radioactive material -- depleted uranium.

That a problem?

Dang straight!

The air pollution authorities didn't find out what the scientists were actually planning until folks living in the area brought it to their attention.

The scientists say it's only a little radiation. You know, like being a little pregnant, or a little glowing in the dark at your onocologist's.

The smog control bureaucrats went nuclear on Lawrence Livermore for trying to slip that by them. They yanked the permit for the blasts. (News10 Sacremento)

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