Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Slide Toward Chaos"

The Iraq Study Group has released it's report -- calling the situation in Iraq "grave and deteriorating."

It warns that a "slide toward chaos" could trigger a regional war unless the US changes course. The Group makes 79 reccommendations, but admits it may be impossible to stabilize Iraq for years.

Lessee here...uh......just looking through...the report.

Hmmm, "grave and deteriorating"..."regional war"..."slide toward chaos"...

Hey, anything in here about being welcomed as liberators? How about WMDs? Final throes?

Nope. Just stuff like...lessee..."Ethnic cleansing could escalate"..."Freedoms could be lost"...

Oh, here we go! Something familiar!

"Heckuva job!" (WaPo)

Latest Video News Reports on the Iraq Study Group Report

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