Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bush Says We're Not Winning

For the first time ever, President Bush on Tuesday said the US is not winning the war in Iraq.

"Absolutely, we're winning." -- President Bush, November 5, 2006

"We're not winning, we're not losing." -- President Bush in an interview with the Washington Post, December 19, 2006
The President also wants to expand the Army to better handle the rate and pace of current deployments. He talks about adding as many as 70,000 more troops than are currently on active duty.

Army Chief of Staff GEN Peter Schoomaker last week called for an expansion -- saying the Army could increase it's ranks at a rate of 6,000-7,000 additional Soldiers per year.

The Air Force is currently reducing its ranks as it retools for a new generation of aircraft -- and will need fewer Airmen. (WaPo)

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