Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poll Position: Iraq Insurgency Grows in America

CBS News Poll

President Bush has hit a new low in the latest CBS News poll for his handling of the Iraq War. Just 21% approve of the way he's approaching the war. Some highlights:
  • 43% say keep fighting, but with new tactics
  • 50% say withdraw from Iraq
  • 4% say "stay the course"

The poll shows 62% of Americans now say it was a mistake to send US troops to Iraq. That's slightly more than told a Gallup Poll back in 1973 that Vietnam was a mistake. (CBS)

USA Today/Gallup Poll

More than half of the respondents -- 55% -- told a USA Today/Gallup Poll they want most US troops withdrawn within a year.

A record high 62% say the war in Iraq isn't "worth it." Another and a record low 16% believe the US is winning. (Reuters)

ABC News/Washington Post Poll

A new ABC News/Washington Post Poll finds 70% of Americans disapprove of the President's handling of the Iraq War. And 60% say the war was not worth it. (WaPo)

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