Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cover Girl Dick Cheney

It's not TIME's "Man of the Year," but it's a pretty good rip-off of National Lampoon's funniest cover ever (below).

Texas Monthly has named Veep Dick Cheney "Bum Steer of the Year" (left).

It's more proof that the Veep will never live down the fact that he lived out Americans' third favorite fantasy: shooting a lawyer in the face.

"He may be number two in the White House, but to us he'll always be number one with a bullet." -- from Texas Monthly on their choice of Dick Cheney as "Bum Steer of the Year"
The issue hits newstands next week. Lock and load.

BTW both the lawyer and the dog survived. So we're hitting .500. (HuffPost/Texas Monthly)

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