Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FEMA Dealing with a Financial Disaster

The Government Accountability Office found FEMA has recouped less than 1% of the $1 billion GAO claims it blew on fraudulent payments after Hurricane Katrina.

The latest audit shows FEMA giving housing payments to people living rent-free in FEMA shelters.

Other squandered money:
  • $20 million in double payments for people who claimed the same damage from Hurrican Katrina and Hurricane Rita
  • $3 million dollars in aid to foreign students not eligible for FEMA assistance
  • Of 20 flat bottom boats FEMA bought -- the agency can't find 18 of them, and can't find the legal titles for the other two
An earlier audit spotlighted $1 billion in FEMA fraud and waste. FEMA itself has only identified $290 million in improper payments -- and collected only $7 million of that. (AP)

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