Friday, December 08, 2006

Guess his North Poll Numbers are Bad, Too

When Santa Claus came charging onto stage at Thursday's lighting of the National Christmas tree -- he was kept away from President Bush by a glass wall.

Was it bulletproof glass?

We're still waiting for a leak of the "naughty and nice list" which might shed more clues on the need to keep the President safe from Jolly Old St Nick.

The Secret Service apparently cleared Santa later on, and the President shared the stage with Santa. Though Mr Bush does look like Santa's a little too close for comfort this close to Christmas in the picture (above).

But Eartha Kitt, that's another story. (White House)

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Gary said...


On the same note...Did you see Olbermann tonight?

It appears the Christmas Trees at the White House are staging a revolt. First Santa, now the trees! I guess 27% approval will do that to ya?!