Sunday, March 05, 2006

David Gregory Petition

NBC White House reporter David Gregory has become to the right what Dan Rather was in the Nixon White House and Sam Donaldson was to the Reagan White House.

In the "Blame the Messenger" game -- David Gregory has become a favorite punching bag -- leading to an online petition to get him fired.

Among some of the names I've seen pop up on the petition:

Joe Goebels
Joe Stalin
Joe McCarthy
John King (a rival network's White House reporter)

Guess there are some people having fun with this over at NBC. (

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Anonymous said...

I found this at

Exposed: The Right-Wing Teen
Last week, the conservative blogosphere was atwitter with excitement about a new site - - dedicated to pressuring NBC to fire their chief White House correspondent David Gregory. The blog consisted of a letter to Bob Wright, chairman of NBC, that claims to have over 2,000 signatures.

Although the owner of the site has tried to disguise their identity, we’ve tracked him down. It appears to be Ian Schwartz, a conservative teenager who also operates the sites,,,, and