Friday, January 26, 2007

Keeping an Eye on the Legislature

The birthplace of America's legislative tradition -- and of YouTube politics -- is embracing online video to keep an eye on their state legislature.

Virginia is home to the first legislature in America. And the famous "macaca" video on YouTube led to the fall of Sen George Allen's (R-VA) re-election efforts and the rise of online video as a political tool. is a videoblog that's been posting clips of Virginia's legislature in action -- things like the death of a minimum wage hike in subcommittee.

The Washington Post reports the Democratic Party is behind the postings is using a camcorder to keep the GOP on the defensive.

Republicans complain that it leads to division and partisanship. The Democrats have responded by posting a video of Del Jeffrey Fredrick (R-Prince William) having aides block the camera during a hearing (below).

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