Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Fine Time for Diplomatic Immunity

Foreign diplomats working in New York have run up $18 million in unpaid parking tickets. They claim diplomatic immunity -- but the city still wants it's money. Topping the list:
  • Egypt -- $1.9 million
  • Kuwait -- $1.3 million
The new Secretary General's home country of South Korea still owes $17,000. Ban Ki-moon says he's in favor of getting member nations to pay up for their diplomats expired parking.

He's even walking to work these days.

The City signed an agreement with the US State Department back in 2002 to get federal help in collecting the debt. And the -- "hey, pay up or no foreign aid for you" -- strategy appears to be working.

Diplomats have only run up about a quarter million dollars of the total in the last four years.

It's the umpteen years before the agreement where the $18 million really adds up.

New York City has only been able to collect $3 million of the debt owed it before the State Department help. (ABC)

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