Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Avoiding those "Macaca Moments"

This time last year, former Sen George Allen (R-VA) was coasting to re-election and already working on his 2008 Presidential campaign plans.

Today, he's out of work.

But on the bright side, he's found a place in the dictionary -- as a verb. From Carrie Budoff at Politico.com:
"In Republican campaign strategy sessions and conference calls, candidates and consultants are invoking Allen's name as a verb -- to be 'George Allen-ed' -- and devising tactics to avoid a fate similar to that of the former Virginia senator, taken down by a shaky, 51-second video that volleyed around the country via YouTube."
Candidate classes now warn politicians to expect a recording device is always watching them.

But, remember, we're talking about politicians -- the folks who've given us budget deficits, page scandals, and that whole Iraq War.

Sit back and enjoy YouTube -- they'll forget about the cameras quickly enough. (Politico)

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