Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Cost of War

The Iraq War, which was supposed to cost just a few billion dollars and be paid for with Iraq's oil revenue -- is now on track to top $1.2 trillion.

The amount is so hard to get a grip on that the New York Times has pointed out what all $1.2 trillion could buy -- including all of these items with money to spare:
  • Doubling cancer research for 10 years
  • Treatment of every American with diabetes & heart disease
  • A global immunization program of all the world's children
  • Universal pre-school for every American child
  • Rebuilding New Orleans
  • Implementing all the 9/11 Commission reccomendations
  • Screening for nukes smuggled into the US
  • Expansion of military forces in Afghanistan
  • A peacekeeping force to stop the Darfur genocide
Hey, you get what you pay for. (NYT)

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