Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yeah, Dad. Like You Never had a Car Crash.

Rep Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) (left -- from an earlier accident) wrecked his car on Capitol Hill Wednesday. It was early, and Capitol Hill Police thought he'd been drinking. Officers say the Congressman -- son of Sen Ted Kennedy (D-MA) refused to take a sobriety test. And through their union representative -- police say a supervisor showed up and took the Congressman home.

"I will fully cooperate with the Capitol Police in whatever investigation they choose to undertake." -- Rep Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) in a statement
Several news organizations -- including Roll Call and the Washington Post -- report the Congressman told officers he was late for a vote. But Congress was not in session at the time -- and hadn't been for about three hours. (WashPost)

Update, Friday, May 5:

Rep Kennedy has announced he's entering rehab at the Mayo Clinic -- immediately. He says he's been struggling for years with depression and addiction. He'd spent the Christmas recess at the Clinic for addiction to prescription pain killers. (CNN)

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