Monday, May 01, 2006

Watching Washington in the Washington Post

There I was -- grinning from the front page of the Washington Post this morning. It's odd seeing your face on the front of a major metropolitan newspaper before that first hit of caffine in the morning.

A big surprise. Knew the article was coming -- but sure didn't expect the "A" section.

The folks at even included a clip from one of our videocasts here.

As for the story (sorry for burying the lead): It's about YouTube's explosion on the Internet video scene. Part of the lightening fast changes going on as video and broadband revolutionize the Internet.

Reporter Sara Kehaulani Goo interviewed me as a part of a story about YouTube and videoblogging a couple of weeks ago. She and photographer Gerald Martineau even hung out with me for an hour or two one Sunday afternoon watching me tape and post one of my Watching Washington videocasts. I had a great time. For them -- it had to be like watching grass grow. Talk about suffering for your art. They deserve big points.

Ms Goo did a great job bringing together a lot of different aspects of the story into her article. Tough to do with the whole Internet video universe changing daily. And I really liked Mr Martineau's photo -- it really summed up the whole "kitchen table studio" in a single shot. Just wish we had a better looking anchor!

The line of the day from people at my day job -- who didn't know I do this: "You have a green screen in your house?" (WashPost)

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