Thursday, May 04, 2006

Businessman Pleads to Bribery of Congressman

Louiville businessman Vernon Jackson has pleaded guilty to bribing Rep William Jefferson (D-LA) (right). The Congressman issued a statement saying he's surprised Mr Jackson would say such a thing -- and denies he ever took the $400,000 in bribes.

This marks the second time someone's admitted to bribing the Congressman. Surely, just a coincidence of misguided businessmen opting for jail.

We told you here last year about Rep Jefferson comandeering a National Guard vehicle during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath to retrieve private property from his home. (WashPost)

UPDATE, Sunday, May 7:

DNC Chairman Howard Dean wasted no words on ABC's "This Week" (5/7) saying that if Rep Jefferson is indicted -- he should resign from Congress immediately.

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