Friday, May 06, 2005

Your Tax Dollars at Work -- Paying for a Lobbyist

The lobbyist at the heart of the Tom DeLay ethics accustations had close ties early on with the Bush administration. The Associated Press reports that Jack Abramoff and his firm had nearly 200 contacts with the administration during it's first 10 months in the White House.

Mr Abramoff represents interests in the US Territory of the Northern Mariana Islands who want to keep the territory exempt from US minimum wage laws. He raised $100,000 toward President Bush's election in 2000. He's also bragged that he got part of the 2000 GOP Platform changed to benefit his client.

Lobbying against extending US labor law to the islands, Mr Abramoff's crew also won $2 million in federal aid from the Bush administration for his clients. He told the Marianas government that money could be used to pay the lobbying bill. (AP via USAToday)

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