Saturday, May 28, 2005

Watching Washington -- Some Updates to the Site

If you haven't checked out Watching Washington's right hand column lately -- it's loaded with features.

The control panel lets you email me, and takes you to some special features.

There are banner links to information on lobbyist spending, politican junkets, and political contributions databases.

Links tracking spending and news from the war in Iraq -- along with a link to Stars & Stripes' military map to help you follow the stories coming out of Iraq.

Links to -- tracking political and non-fiction best sellers updated every hour.

The long-time favorite links to "Help You Watch Washington" -- making it easy to write your members of Congress, register to vote, and research candidates.

There are headlines from USA Today, NPR, The New York Times, Yahoo! Political News,, Buzz Flash, and Christian Science Monitor.

Plus search features allowing you to find the latest local news and weather for your hometown.

If you've got some time, spend some time checking it out.

And thanks for reading!

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