Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Sermon and the FDA

Despite FDA denials, an evangelical doctor says he played a major role in blocking approval of over the counter sales of emergency contraception.

The FDA's advisory panel voted 23 to 4 to approve over the counter sale of "Plan B." But the FDA overruled that decision. Critics at the time said the FDA bowed to conservative pressure. The FDA denied that.

They know about drugs and politics at FDA. They didn't think about videotape.

A tape of W. David Hager, a conservative doctor/preacher delivered a sermon back in October taking credit for the FDA's flip-flop:

"I argued from a scientific perspective, and God took that information, and he used it through this minority report to influence the decision. Once again, what Satan meant for evil, God turned into good."

Dr Hager says he was asked by someone "outside the agency" to write a minority report on Plan B.

Hagar was appointed to the FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee in 2002. He says in his sermon, the White House asked him to accept the nomination because of issues the administration thought were "critical" coming before the board.

Plan B has been available by prescription since 1999. It's maker, Barr Laboratories wanted it cleared for over the counter sale saying it would likely reduce the number of abortions from unintended pregnancies. (WashPost)

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Unadulterated Underdog said...

I think that the religious-right's insane view on contraception, if enforced on the population as they would like, is a continous sel-defeating circle. If you do not allow contraception (which they want to ban) you have more unwanted pregnancies. If you have more unwanted pregnancies, you have a higher desire for abortions. If you do not allow abortions, you have even more children and therfor more strain on the economy, which means eventually more poor people who will then perpetuate the cycle. These insane people need to rethink their "holy" strategy. I doubt that God condones their condemning of young people to poverty and malnutrition.