Monday, May 16, 2005

Pushing the Pork out of Homeland Defense

The latest homeland defense bill to clear the House ties spending to where the biggest risk for an attack could be. As the LA Times points out:

"California officials have griped that the nation's most populous state last year received about $310 million -- or $8.75 per person -- while Wyoming received about $18 million -- or $37.52 per capita."
Rep Marion Berry (D-AR) was among those voting against the bill. Upset that the bill "would give Arkansas less money to protect its citizens." Small states have gotten tons of federal money -- at the expense of much more likely targets -- since 9/11.

Take Hamlin County, South Dakota and its homeland security SUV, a Dodge Durago. We told you back in December how that out of the way place got $26,000 for a SUV they can only use in the event of a terrorist attack.

Money lthat used to protect Hamilin County from terrorist plots will now go to protecting things like LAX, the US Capitol, and New York Stock Exchange. (LAT)

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