Thursday, May 19, 2005

Red Cross Warned the Brass about Koran Flushing

Just days after Newsweek retracted it's story with a brief mention of Koran desecration, the International Red Cross now says it alerted the US military to the problem as early as 2002. The revelation gives new credibility to the Newsweek story.

The IRC corroborated all instances of reported Koran desecration before forwarding them to the Penatgon in a series of confidential reports. The IRC reccomendations were used to lay out guidelines on how to handle the Koran -- similar to guidelines used to respect the flag in the US.

The IRC says the reports and complaints of Koran desecration disapeared almost immediately after the guidelines were issued to US troops at Guantanamo. (Chicago Tribune)

[CORRECTION: The abbreviation "IRC" and the name "International Red Cross" are both incorrect. The proper version is "ICRC" for "International Committee of the Red Cross." I apologize for the mistake and any misunderstanding in this post. And thanks, Ike, for calling the error to my attention -- Terry Turner]


Ike said...

For future reference, the preferred acronym for the International Committee of the Red Cross is "ICRC."


Terry "Tex" Turner said...

Thanks, Ike!

Ike said...

No problem.

The American Red Cross is a completely different entity, and confusion over stuff like this sometimes erupts into big headaches.