Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Failing to Train Airport Screeners

Airport secreeners at 75% of America's airports aren't getting the training they need. If you think that's scary, think about how much training they need -- just three hours per week. They get more time for lunch.

The Government Accountability Office says staff shortages mean that screeners can't leave their posts to take training. And those that do, often don't have high-speed Internet access. That means the lessons can't be delivered fast enough.

The Transportation Security Administration said a year and a half ago that it would have high-speed Internet at 350 of America's 450 airports by this time.

The GAO found TSA has only gotten it installed at 109 airports. Around 20,000 of the TSA's 45,000 screeners don't have access to the Internet classes in a timely manner.

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