Monday, April 18, 2005

While I Was Away 2: Wow, That's Really Bad News. Let's Quit Reporting It

After the latest State Department report on international terrorism showed 2004 was the worst year ever for terror attacks -- the fine folks at Foggy Bottom decided to eliminate the report.

Washington's been tracking international terrorism in annual reports since 1985. Government officials say the criteria for including incidents is flawed so it's no big deal to drop the report.

But critics say the 2004 report raises questions about the Bush administration's claims of progress in the War on Terror.

For the record, the report shows 625 "signifacant" terror attacks in 2004. That compares with just 175 the year before. The numbers last year had been undercounted, causing an embarassing problem for the Bush administration in the middle of last year's Presidential campaign. (Seattle Times)

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