Wednesday, April 20, 2005

That Painting Would Defend the Homeland a Lot Better on That Wall

It takes a lot of silk flowers and artwork to keep the Homeland safe. The Homeland Security Department's acting Inspector General has a report out showing the Transportation Security Administration shopping spree for it's new $19 million crisis management center. The report cites nearly $500,000 for artwork, silk plants and other brik-a-brac. The report -- Irregularities in the Development of the Transportation Security Operations Center -- breaks down the expenses:

  • $252,392 for artwork
  • $29,032 for art consultants
  • $30,085 for silk plants
  • $13,861 for lamps and such
On top of that, the vendors added a 20% markup coming to $174,000.

The report also claims workspaces are bigger than normally allowed. The Center has 55 offices, 45 featuring cable TV. The center has 7 seperate kitchens complete with $3,000 refrigerators. The 79 federal workers at the center also got a 4,200 square foot fitness center with towel laundry service. (BaltSun)

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