Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Big Social Security Check

The Bush administration's Social Security blitz may be one of the most costly taxpayer funded campaigns ever. The President, VP, and four Cabinet Secretaries are just a handful of the people barnstorming America touting his private Social Security accounts.

Thirty-five days into a 60 day campaign, the effort is the biggest since President Clinton's failed health care reform effort. There have been 123 events in 35 states and the cost is well into the millions of dollars.

Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA) has fired off a letter to the Government Accountability Office asking that they look into the cost of the "60 Stops in 60 Days" tour:

"[T]here is a vital line between legitimately informing the public, as the President did in his State of the Union address, and commandeering the vast resources of the federal government to fund a political campaign for Social Security privatization."

The Treasury Department has actually hired four full time employees and set up a new website just to support the blitz. (WashPost)

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