Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sex, Lies and Videotape -- Politics in Nevada

Ya gotta love a lead like this one from the Associated Press:
Nevada's wide-open race for governor is being fought with sock puppets, cardboard cutouts, "Star Wars" parodies and Internet close-ups of an elephant's behind.
And that doesn't even get to the matter of "latent Republicanism."

This is a race that includes former lounge singer Lorraine Hunt (who's now the Republican Lt Governor), and Melody Damayo (right) -- a Republican former porn star who got her big break in "Happy Ending."

She may have inspired State Treasurer Brian Krolicki's campaign commercial in the GOP Lt Governor's primary. It's a spoof of a porn movie with a scantily clad couple entangling to the sound of cheezy sax music. He's merely claiming his opponent -- Barbara Lee Woolen -- made her fortune in the porn business. (AP)

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