Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Department of [Sex] Education

The US Department of Education got a bunch of angry e-mails about all the links on their website to porn sites.

Contractors scanning the DoE site found 15 links to porn buried in more than 65,000 links on the site.

Don't blame the goverment entirely. Seems the porn industry has started buying up web addresses when the owners let them expire. You have to get new technology to scan all your links to see if you're linking to porn.

Watching Washington's tech department has notified me that they "ain't buyin' no stinkin' new software" -- so please consider any inadvertent links to porn sites from WW a public service.

The Boston Philharmonic Orchrestra is among those who had their expired web address swiped. But that does explain what's going on with that oboe in the new picture at their old site. (PCWorld)

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