Friday, August 18, 2006

Cheap Gas, Pork & Buying Votes

Kentucky Congressional candidate Mike Weaver (D) had more than 100 people lined up for cheap gasoline at a recent campaign event. People could get ten gallons of $1.20 a gallon gasoline. Mr Weaver's campaign paid $1,510 to cover the difference. The regular price was $2.76 a gallon.

That's not sitting well with incumbent Rep Ron Lewis (R-KY) -- the guy Mr Weaver is trying to unseat.

Rep Lewis, probably sore he didn't think of it first, is demanding the US Attorney's office look into the event as a case of "vote buying."

Speaking of "vote buying" -- we went to Rep Lewis' official House website (paid for by your tax dollars) and looked around for some pork barrel spending. We found Rep Lewis bragging about:
The only difference in "buying votes" may be that Mr Weaver used money contributed to his campaign -- while Rep Lewis used taxpayer money. (AP via Ron Lewis website)

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jim Pence said...

We have photos of the Mike Weaver Event here
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