Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's 11:00 On the East Coast -- Do Know Where Your President Is?

As of 11:00 am EDT, the White House had done little more than rush quick statements to it's website in the PR front of the British Terror Plot.

A series of events throughout the morning suggested the administration was in the dark about what was going on in London and Birmingham -- or at least in the dark about how to explain it to the American people.

At 7:37 am, ABC News reported that the White House was still working on a statement.

At the same time, Brian Ross was providing details on "Good Morning America."

Shortly after 8:00 am, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales presented what might be called a "News-You-Can-Use Conference."

They presented little "news" about the terror plot. Mainly, it appeared to be cookie cutter talking points about the War on Terror in general -- and an relatively enormous amount of advice on how to avoid delays at the airport. More like what you'd expect from "Hints from Heloise."

Again, Brian Ross at ABC had details about a potential threat to the US on World News earlier in the week. Click the TV Screen to watch it.

TV Screen

Mr Ross reported earlier this year he'd been told by one of his sources the feds were bugging the phones of both Mr Ross and his producer.

That seems to be unfounded now. Otherwise, it appears the Bush Administration would know what's going on. (ABC News/The White House)

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