Monday, July 24, 2006

So these American Refugees from Lebanon go into an Irish Pub...

Washington is haggling with a charter air service over who should pay to put up American refugees while the plane is broken and out of action in Ireland.

In the meantime, Americans being airlifted out of Lebanon have spent as much as five days without a place to stay. Secretary of State Condi Rice's plane -- on it's way to Lebanon -- needed to refuel, so it sat down in Shannon, Ireland.

That's where the State Department found out it really is a small world.

While their plane was gassing up, some of Secretary Rice's entourage made the mistake of hanging our in the bar at the same hotel where the refugees had been sleeping in the lobby waiting for rooms.

Surrounding the party crowd at around 5:00 am local time, the refugees gave diplomatic diva Karen Hughes (left) an earful. Enough so that she woke up some people back at the Harry S Truman State Department Building to get the mess straightened out. (Washington Wire)

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