Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Naming Names in the Plame Game

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bob Novak admits he named names in the Plame case. The man who's column outed CIA agent Valerie Plame says he told the grand jury looking into the leak about three sources who gave him the agent's identity.

He identifies two of the sources in Wednesday's column -- Presidential aide Karl Rove and then CIA spokesman Bill Harlow. He says these two men confirmed the identity after a third person leaked Valerie Plame's CIA role to him.

But he won't name the third person who leaked the name to him -- other than saying it was a political operative.

He says he gave all three names to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and the grand jury that's still investigating the leaks. (WashPost)

UPDATE: Click HERE to read Mr Novak's colum naming two of his three sources.

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Love said...

Why isn't Robert Novak being treated with disdain for publishing the Plame story like the New York Times is for publishing the financial tracking story, and how is Karl Rove not indicted for the leak and how is he still in the white house?