Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rail Protection Derailed in the Senate

The US Senate has shot down plans to increase funding for rail security in the US. The 50-50 vote came just one day after terrorists set off bombs on rush hour trains in India, killing more than 200 people.

A short list of terrorists' recent rail targets:

7/11/2006: Terrorists kill 200+ in India train bombings
5/2006: Federal jury convicts a Pakistani immigrant of plotting to bomb a Manhattan subway station
10/2005: Police swarm over NYC subways after warnings terrorists may use baby carriages to launch a bomb attack
7/7/2005: Terrorists kill 52 people in London train/bus bombings
3/11/2005: Terrorists kill 192 people in rush hour attack on Madrid commuter trains
2002: Al Qaeda calls off plan to launch a cyanide attack on NYC subway just 45 days before it was scheduled
7/1997: Police capture two Palestinians plotting to attack the Atlanta subway system
3/20/1995: Doomsday cult kills 12 in a coordinated sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway
So, we're cutting money that may keep New York City cops from installing two-thirds of the closed circuit cameras they need in the city's subways.

But the Department of Homeland Security is listing mule parades and popcorn factories as potential terrorist targets.

It's a sure bet that a lot of the Senators who voted against the rail plan don't ride the subway or Metro. (ABC/MSNBC)

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