Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Sky is Falling!

A piece of falling concrete may have damaged Gov Mitt Romney's (R-MA) Presidential aspirations. He cut short a trip to New Hampshire when part of a "Big Dig" tunnel crushed one of his constituents to death this week.

He's taken plenty of campaign money from contractors involved in the multi-billion dollar project -- including the contractors who installed the fallen concrete. The Boston Herald reports:

"Romney has accepted thousands in campaign donations from Big Dig contractors since 2002, although he returned more than $3,500 from executives of Aggregate Industries after six employees were federally indicted.

A Romney spokesman said the governor has no plans to return any other Big Dig
donations -
including those from employees of Modern Continental, the
company responsible for the ceiling work in the area of the fatal collapse

Records show Romney accepted a $150 contribution in 2002 from Modern Continental vice-president Judith Shepherd and $500 in 2003 from Jay Cashman, the contractor who took over the firm when it ran into financial trouble.

Romney accepted $2,750 from attorneys David Hatem and John Donovan, who represent Big Dig management firm Bechtel Parsons, and $200 from Bechtel executive Morris Levy, records show. "
(Boston Herald)

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