Friday, March 25, 2005

WMD Report Could Be a Bombshell or a Dud

Back before the Iraq War, 15 different federal agencies gathered information saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and accessing their threat to the US.

All 15 are bracing for a government report expected to blast them all for doing a sloppy job.

The nine-member, bipartisan panel looking into the WMD issue in Iraq is expected to issue it's report next week.

No WMDs stockpiles were ever found in Iraq and preliminary reports from the government have admitted that US intelligence was wrong.

Commissioners promise to release as much of the report as possible. But right now, copies are circulating among the various intelligence agencies to approve what can and can't be shown to the general public out of national security concerns. In the past, agencies have often tried to declare embarassing failures as secrets. (USAToday)

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