Sunday, March 06, 2005

Finally, An Honest Politician

Politicians say the darndest things. Take Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman in front of an elementary school class. He was there for Nevada Reading Week and voters have been reading about what he said to the kids.

When the kids asked him what his hobbies were, he said "Drinking." When they asked him what he'd take with him to a desert island, he answered, "A bottle of gin."

When reporters brought up the comments at a news conference the next day, Mayor Goodman said, "I'm not going to lie to children. I'm not going to say I would take a teddy bear or a Bible or something like that."

Great. We finally get an honest politician. (WashPost)

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Ken Grandlund said...

Honesty is a good start, now we just need to add integrity, sacrifice, and a lack of greed and we'll be doing just fine.

keep up the good work.